Company stays in cover

Rheda-Wiedenbrück (kvs) – After a moment of horror over the Whitsun holidays, the situation in the district and town is easing again: the incidence values ​​are falling. In terms of numbers, there is nothing to prevent the first easing of the corona protective measures – not even in Rheda-Wiedenbrück.

Because of the infection rate at the meat processing medium-sized company, there is no reason for the top management to take a special route and postpone relaxation for a few days. “The values ​​for openings and closings are handled across the district. That is the legal situation ”, it says from the town hall. A deviation from this is not intended either if the incidences are exceeded or not reached. “It goes without saying that every step in easing the situation requires responsible action by each individual and careful observance of the rules that continue to apply.”

According to the administration, the care of employees who are infected with Corona and their relatives – there is talk of 150 – lies “initially with those affected and certainly with the companies”. Nevertheless, the social department continues to support people in quarantine who have no one to shop for them.

The question has been asked very often why the name of the company concerned is not mentioned, why there is no confirmation of what the sparrows whistle from the rooftops. Because the public relevance is not given, it says on the part of the Gütersloh district. In contrast to the infection process at Tönnies, the recent accumulation of corona cases at the Rheda-Wiedenbrücker medium-sized company is noticeable, but is in no way comparable.

Incidentally, it is also at the discretion of the company itself to what extent it shows transparency. While Tönnies was looking for the public last year, no statement can be received from the company currently affected. What the management attributes the infection process to, whether it is to be found in the private environment or in the company, which safety precautions have been taken to minimize risks, what influence the Corona outbreak 2020 in the Rheda slaughterhouse had on work processes and structures or what lessons were drawn from it – none of these questions have been answered by the group of companies. Not even how the affected employees and their relatives are doing and who is ensuring that those affected are supplied with essentials.


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