Comparing the tax refund rate of “Shop Dee Mee Return”, paying a maximum of 30,000 get back?

The page “Thai Khu Fah” opens the personal income tax refund rate of 2020, only for project participants. “Shop good, have a night” How much does each person get?

Today (26 Oct. 20) Facebook page “Thai Khu Fah”, a communication channel for the Thai government by the Secretariat of the Prime Minister’s Office. Has posted information about economic stimulus measures from the government sector, “Shop Dee Me Return” project, stating that

Clear cut! Shop well, how much tax refund are there exactly?

#Thai Khu Fah “Shop Dee Me Back” economic stimulus measures from the government sector And return personal income tax for tax year 2020 according to the amount of purchases of goods and services actually paid since 23 October – December 20 but not more than 30,000 baht

Have heard or read like this It is not that we will receive a tax refund of 30,000 baht or exactly the expenses lost, because the truth is we will receive a tax refund based on the net income per year. Which each person is not equal Even if you buy a product or a full ceiling of 30,000 baht, but who will get it?

However, even participating in the Shop Dee Me Night Program There is no need to register before use. But be sure to request a full tax invoice from the store. Except for e-book purchases or OTOP products that can use other evidence instead

Who will be able to join the project “Shop good, have a night” must meet the following conditions

– Be a person who pays personal income tax in the 2020 tax year

– Not being a holder of a state welfare card

– Half of the participants did not register for the project.

– Measures for shopping well, having a night, without registration Able to purchase products and request a full tax invoice as evidence in filing the income tax return. To reduce the tax at all

– This privilege can be used from 23 October – 31 December 2020.

– Must purchase products and services from a store registered with VAT. And issue a full tax invoice

– can buy books And OTOP products that have been registered with the Department of Community Development With a receipt

– This privilege cannot be used for alcohol, tobacco, government lottery goods, fuel and gas charges for refilling vehicles, accommodation in hotels, tour fees, car, motorbike and boat fees, newspaper and magazine fees. And service fees for newspapers and magazines in the form of electronic information via the Internet

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