Comparison of building savings. Who has the best now

The best offers now are Raiffeisen stavební spořitelna and ČSOB Stavební spořitelny, which give bonuses to clients who, in addition to building savings, also open a current account with the parent bank.

For those who do not plan to open a new current account with Raiffeisenbank or ČSOB, there is another option: if they conclude a building savings contract with ČSOB Stavební spořitelna (Lišky) and obtain another client for the building society, they will receive a premium of CZK 500. It is easier for those who are already clients of the parent ČSOB: they only need to conclude a contract via ČSOB internet banking and receive a premium of the same amount.

In third place is Moneta stavební spořitelna. It has a contract for clients aged 18 to 55 without an entry fee, for any target amount. It does not require any other conditions, it is a standard product with a very good yield and without other marketing complexities.

We compare the offers of building societies according to the amount we save in six years, if we regularly save CZK 1,700 per month. We include all fees, taxes, interest and state aid in the calculation. The net interest rate tells us what rate an ideal account would have to bear interest on, without fees and taxes, in order to save the same amount on it.

We have included in the table all current offers of building societies, except for those that are limited to young people or, conversely, for older people.

Comparison of building savings as of July 25, 2021

(offers for middle age or without age limit, ie except special offers for young people or seniors)

Savings bank Rate Total saved Net interest rate
Raiffeisen S 213 savings for RB + premium clients 138 170 CZK 4,011 %
ČSOB (Fox) AktivPlus Spořicí + ČSOB package 137 396 CZK 3,829 %
ČSOB (Fox) AktivPlus Savings with a premium for a new client 136 239 CZK 3,553 %
ČSOB (Fox) AktivPlus Savings + reward for ČSOB clients 136 239 CZK 3,553 %
Currency ProSpoření online 136 096 CZK 3,518 %
Currency Premium Savings 136 096 CZK 3,518 %
Raiffeisen S 213 savings for RB clients 136 024 CZK 3,501 %
ČSOB (Fox) AktivPlus Savings 135 659 CZK 3,413 %
CS (Buřinka) Standard 134,487 CZK 3,129 %
Currency Savings 134,471 CZK 3,125 %
Blue pyramid Wise savings 134 468 CZK 3,125 %
Raiffeisen Savings S 213 134,398 CZK 3,107 %
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Read details on the best offers and an overview of the tariffs of the remaining savings banks in an unabridged article on the website. You will also find a complete comparison there, including special events for young people and seniors.

Petr Kielar

Petr Kielar worked at Českomoravská stavební spořitelna in 1994–2006, and since 2006 he has been working as an independent consultant. It operates the website, which tries to describe the current state as best as possible and is not influenced by the interests … Other articles by the author.