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The pandemic has led to rethinking processes and strategies in different sectors. And so Compensar has decided to adopt a 2.0 wellness platform that transcends the condition of a compensation fund. Its director, Carlos Mauricío Vásquez, explains the concept.

(Compensar Clinical Laboratory, foolproof innovation).

Where is the box going, after the pandemic?

I think it is necessary to start thinking about version 2.0 in the action of the boxes, focused on well-being. There were many opportunities to think differently.

What characterizes this new model?

In the past, what we did was develop products and services and try to grow with them and then, to the extent that we were bigger and more impactful, we were very relevant. But today to the extent that many communities have begun to state that they are different and I am referring to what is related to inclusion. For example, single-gender couples, those with pets, and those who live alone. The issue is not only size and coverage, but precision, but also being able to reach each of the audiences with what they need. What is involved is a deep knowledge of each of our clients. Today’s portfolio is so broad that it allows us a different combination for each person.

Will they work for niche markets?

It goes further, you have to understand that there is a next phase which is customization. And that is not achieved without the advances that we have had in technology that gives us information. This goes beyond being a compensation fund, being EPS, and being a financier of employee loans. It even brings together people who are not linked to the fund but who are related to it by virtue of other types of agreements.

What have they done to apply that strategy?

There are three phases. The first thing is that we have prepared ourselves internally. For example, health and wellness are two areas that are already putting it into practice. A patient, on the one hand, and a pool attendant, on the other, are the same person and can better manage their health condition. Today we have complete venues dedicated to that. A doctor can prescribe swimming lessons and not just a pill, for example. It is the combination of services to solve a particular circumstance. Second, we developed a wellness platform, linking our partners with more focus because there are things that we cannot do alone. For example, supermarkets and insurance. We mount it and have a way of operating. We develop a portfolio called Wellness à la carte. And we have companies that have delegated their employee wellness strategy to us. The third component is the technology that allows identifying and relating needs according to the user.

(Compensar Salud continues to redouble its efforts in the face of the pandemic).

Do they have to be affiliated?

We owe ourselves to affiliates, but we are open to non-affiliates. We are an entity that can provide services to third parties as long as resources of the 4% of the contribution that are specifically for affiliates are not committed.

What is the goal?

It is key to improve the health condition. If we achieve that between 30% to 50% of our affiliates to overturn the wellness model 2.0 and not continue in their normal condition, we will be doing the task.

This is long-term because it needs a culture change, important communication and technological strengthening. Obviously, it is parallel to the goals of the present because we have to account for our operation as a savings bank.

And how are they doing?

We are going to close the year maintaining the first place in the country, measured by contributions. We have a leadership participation in Bogotá of more than 41% of the market as of September, we are going to grow close to 10% in contributions compared to the previous year. And we have exceeded the 2019 figures.

We have 98,740 affiliated employers (86% companies with less than 10 workers) and 2,751,130 affiliated, between workers and beneficiaries, 85% of them earn less than 4 minimum wages. With the growth in contributions, thanks to the generosity of entrepreneurs, we will have a year in which we will continue to have significant strength and, obviously, numbers in the black.

We would expect to close with remnants – profits – of between $ 45,000 and $ 50,000 million, which is what allows us to finance the works and social programs of the following years.

And the EPS?

Regardless of the fact that we are not the first, it is important to recognize Compensar, not only for the care of the pandemic but for being a benchmark in vaccination with which we have managed to position ourselves among members and non-members.

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