Compensation in the walloon town planning, back to school : what to change on 1st June

Economics and urban planning are concerned by these new measures.

The compensation walloon of 2,500 euros will be requested

Starting June 1, the self-employed and companies of Wallonia, whose economic activity has been greatly slowed down during the pandemic will be able to submit an application to obtain a compensation of 2,500 euros. This compensatory allowance and single lump sum, as decided by the walloon government, will be granted subject to acceptance of the application.

The company seeking the relief must have their place of business in Wallonia and have put the majority of its staff to the temporary unemployment to cases of force majeure. A subsequent audit will be exercised by the directors.

The self-employed applicant must have enjoyed a right gateway full in march and April (checks will be made with the data of Inasti).

The application period will be open from June 1st on In principle, the payment decisions eligible applications will be taken within a period of a week.

Urban planning: recovery of the public surveys in Brussels

Public inquiries will resume on the 1st of June in the Region of Brussels-Capital, subject to compliance with the rules of distancing. The secretary of State in charge of Urbanism, Pascal Smet (, announced in the commons following the déconfinement progressive authorized by the federal government. The procedures shall be designed to comply with the rules of social distancing. Consultation of the record in the offices of the municipal administration, the technical explanations and the verbal complaint cannot, therefore, be done only on appointment.

For the reception of the public, several measures of hygiene must be observed: compliance with the social distancing between the citizen and the officer, permanent availability of a kit for the disinfection of hands constantly in the local for the consultation of the folder, cleaning the furniture present in the room after each passage and port of the mask required.

The public inquiries that had not started on the 16th of march will be organized for the full statutory period. The public inquiries which were in progress at that date will be re-launched for the remaining period of the suspended time limit to 16 march. Municipalities that so wish may, if special reasons so require, reorganize a public inquiry for the entire statutory period.

As provided for in the CoBAT (Code Bruxellois de l’aménagement du Territoire), for public inquiries to come, at least half of the period should be outside the school holidays (1 July to 31 August).

The commissions consultation can also be organised from the 1st of June, also in observing social distancing.

Kindergarten back to school Tuesday

All children in kindergarten will be able to find their teacher/officer, from Tuesday, 2 June. For pedagogical reasons, and the social, neither the children nor their teachers should not wear masks. However, it will be recommended among adults (between teachers and between parents and teachers). The observance of safety distances (1.5 meters) will not be needed in the nursery classes.

Photographing a nuclear site punished by the Law

Starting today, take, publish, display, sell or disseminate any photographs (satellite images and aerial photos), on which one can recognize sites belgian nuclear or other sensitive sites on the belgian territory, will be sanctioned, except if the author of these photos has received the express authorization of the minister of the Interior. Such an offence will be punished by a prison sentence ranging from eight days to one year and a fine of 26 to 100 euros.


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