Competition bill, short circuit on bathing establishments: the speakers ask for another postponement of the races, Chigi brakes and the landing in the classroom sled again

The rush to approve the 2021 competition bill in good time – albeit significantly behind the schedule set by the government – it risks becoming a farce. While on the large hydroelectric concessions, the golden powerthe reform of those bathing requested by the European Union and unanimously approved by the Council of Ministers in February is in the balance. As anticipated by Republicthe rapporteurs of the provision Paolo Ripamonti (League) e Stefano Collina (Pd) have developed a compromise proposal on the basis of which the garewhich based on the ruling of State Council November 2021 must be launched by the end of next year, they will be able slip for five years for all areas that are not “free and permissible” but already assigned to a concessionaire. Not only that: the Northern League also advocates the need for the right of first refusal and the “golden power for the beaches “. Matteo Salvini he claims (“we protect those who for decades have sacrificed themselves by managing bathing establishments”). The 5 Star Movementwhich was also al government when the extension to 2034 rejected by the administrative justice, cries out to the scandal and stresses that a new postponement would mean for the seaside entrepreneurs “still years of uncertaintiesappeals and economic damage “and providing for the golden powee” means trivializing the concept of national security, which would only be a screen for lobbies that have been blocking reforms for decades “.

In the end, as expected, the examination of the bill in the classroom slips again. The afternoon session of the Industry Committee of the Senate who was supposed to start voting on the amendments was canceled. A discussion is underway with the Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia. Sources from Palazzo Chigi let it be known that “negotiations are underway” and the goal “remains to go to the race”, but the times obviously they are not a secondary variable. If you first expect one mapping of the beaches, in fact opens to an automatic extension. According to the government, the requests of the speakers are “already in part overcome“. It is to be hoped: as the national co-spokesperson of Europa Verde points out, Angelo Bonelli, that amendment not only “slaps the sentence of the Council of State” but is “a real one blow against Italian beaches: authorizes the overbuilding of our coasts providing for the banning of the last remaining free beaches in our country while for the bathing establishments the tenders have been extended for another 5 years. This majority and this government are enemies of the environment and public interest, they have embarked on a real one onslaught of concrete led by the League “.

Regarding the standard on the management services of waste (Article 12), the majority after the outcry of the labor unions against the amendments that imposed the fragmentation of the activities between different companies would have decided to return to the basic text of the article with the renunciation of the various political forces to the amendments presented. Even on this there was no lack of fibrillation in the majority. The senator M5S Emma Pavanelli, in the environment commission of Palazzo Madama, accused Italy alive of a “sterile game of will you“That” is putting at risk the parliamentary work previously carried out on article 12, a not very responsible behavior that penalizes citizens and the environment first and foremost “. From Iv Silvia Fregolent he replies: “We fought our battle on waste so that at least the competition would begin. Mims had given a favorable opinion, then theAnci it made a controversial note and a number of amendments were withdrawn. On hydroelectricity, we were able to obtain a reference to the legislation on golden power for non sell off to the first international water and energy fund at a time when it is important not to sell off strategic assets “.


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