Competition of general medicine, the Lazio TAR admits candidates

The “verification” of the questions under indictment and the conditional admission of the applicants to the course of General medicine. These are the 2 central points of the order of the third quater Section of the Administrative Court of Lazio (president Riccardo Savoia, draftsman Dauno Trebastoni, director Roberto Vitanza) which accepted the precautionary petition presented by the Leone-Fell firm of Palermo which defends numerous successful candidates in the competition for admission to the specific training course in General Medicine whose examination with the multiple choice test system was held on 28 April.

Candidates excluded

“They are – explain Francesco Leone, Simona Fell and Floriana Barbata, partners of the Leone-Fell law firm – of candidates in various Italian regions who have been excluded for the errors we have contested”. The appeal was based on the finding that 5 questions did not provide a univocal answer and therefore were misleading for the candidates to the point of misleading them: “In particular, the questions did not have a univocal answer: it was therefore possible to provide several equally correct answers to the same question, or it was not possible to identify the correct answer among the options provided by the ministry, ”the lawyers say.

The decision of the administrative court

TheTar Lazio he considered the matter not unfounded and ordered, in order to then enter into the merits and decide (the further hearing will be held on February 25, 2022) to “arrange for verification by appointing the director of the Higher Institute of Health who may delegate a expert of the Institute, to ascertain, in contradiction with the parties, the validity of the objection raised “.
The Board, the judges still write in the ordinances, believes that it must accept the precautionary petition, and to admit the applicant subject to the course, in consideration of the serious and irreparable prejudice linked to the impossibility of attending the course and acquiring the related training .

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The reflexes also for admission test

A decision by the Lazio TAR which is also relevant for another admission exam which is, so to speak, sub judice: the one for admission to the Faculty of Medicine which took place at the beginning of September which presented numerous questions with “wrong or misleading” answers. “Also this year – explain the lawyers who assisted the applicants – the access tests for General Medicine which prepares the general practitioners who are so much needed, as well as those for the degree course in Medicine and Dentistry , did not guarantee meritocracy and equal treatment, distorting the final ranking and excluding many young doctors from the possibility of training as family doctors. The judges of the administrative courts understood the gravity of the matter and admitted our applicants to attend the training course ».

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