According to analysts of Avtostat, today there are 9.7 million domestically produced foreign cars in the Russian fleet, accounting for 22.6% of all cars in the country. In the course of the next study, experts compiled the TOP-10 of the most common Russian cars assembled.

Lada Vesta in October became the most popular car on the Russian market

The leader of the rating and the most common foreign car assembled in Russia, became Hyundai Solaris – as of July 1, 2018, the Korean sedan is represented in the amount of 704.2 thousand copies. So much "Solaris" was collected from December 2010 to our days.

The second place was taken by another Korean bestseller – KIA Rio with 673.7 thousand registered Russian-made cars. Recall that for the first time the model began to be assembled in the Russian Federation at the end of 2006, and the full localization of the car took place in 2011.

The top three was closed by Renault Logan with 654.3 thousand copies issued in Russia since 2005.

Also in the TOP-10 of the most popular cars assembled in the territory of the Russian Federation are Ford Focus (624.9 thousand units), Chevrolet Niva (597.6 thousand units), Volkswagen Polo (397.6 thousand units) , Renault Duster (345.7 thousand units), Renault Sandero (288.3 thousand units), Skoda Octavia (270.7 thousand units) and KIA Ceed (248.2 thousand units).


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