Complete Basic Immunizations for Children Will be Digitally Recorded in the PeduliProtect Application All – The complete basic immunization records of children, which previously used the Maternal and Child Health (KIA) book, will turn into digital records. The child’s basic immunizations will be recorded in the PeduliLindung application.

This was conveyed by the Minister of Health (Menkes) Budi Gunadi Sadikin during the National Child Immunization Month (BIAN) activity.

“Vaccination data is usually written on a card or written in the MCH book, as a result sometimes it is lost or forgotten. Some foreign universities require a history of vaccination as a child, have they been vaccinated against polio or not, have been vaccinated against diphtheria or not,” said Budi, Thursday. (12/5/2022).

He said that this year, the Ministry of Health wanted to fully digitize the complete basic immunization process for children. So that all children who have been immunized will be recorded and have a digital electronic vaccination certificate.

Minister of Health Budi said immunization data was not yet available in the government’s digital system. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health only records accumulated data, and detailed reports are only available to health facilities that carry out immunizations.

“As a result, if the person concerned changes schools, or moves to another city, it will be difficult. In our experience, KIA books can’t always be stored until the person concerned is an adult, sometimes they get lost too,” he said.

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Basic immunization of children recorded in PeduliLindung is a program to digitize MCH books into the application.

According to the Minister of Health, Budi, the program was formed because the old system made it difficult for people to access basic immunization history again.

This program also reflects on the recording of the Covid-19 vaccination, which is easily accessed by the public on the application.

He explained that this system is similar to collecting data on the Covid-19 vaccine, where children who have been immunized will be registered at PeduliLindugi.

Thus, they can always access the data according to the immunizations that have been given.

However, he has not explained in detail when the digitization of the basic immunization program will be implemented. Budi only said that the digitization of the data was in the preparation stage.

He also hopes to be able to apply the digitization of MCH to PeduliLindungi, as soon as the national immunization program starts.

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Increased activities at posyandu

Not only digitizing basic immunization records, the Ministry of Health is also preparing to increase activities at posyandu.

Minister of Health Budi assessed that it would be difficult for the government to provide primary health services to at least 80,000 villages, 514 regencies/cities in 34 provinces if they only relied on around 10,000 health centers.

Therefore, the expansion of health coverage by utilizing health facilities such as posyandu is being launched.

Later, this program will make posyandu services more systematic, and get more support from the central government and the government.

He said the plan would be 10 to 20 primary health services that the posyandu could provide.

“We will make sure all posyandu can provide this health service. We also have the people, the facilities, infrastructure and equipment we complete,” explained Budi.

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“One of the programs is immunization, because national immunization will be successful if it is supported by all cadres in posyandu,” he continued.

Then, Budi has also asked for support from the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri), and all local governments to be able to move the posyandu during the national child immunization month.

Together with the Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) Tito Karnavian, he has formulated the posyandu to become an official institution and is recognized by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Some of the efforts that will be made to improve health services at posyandu include:

  • Registering and training posyandu cadres, so that they can be formally supported by the central government and local governments
  • The Ministry of Health will provide a measuring device for the length of the baby which will be distributed to all posyandu in various regions
  • Improving service standards, with health screenings such as medical check-ups for high-risk people in their area.

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