COMPLETE, This is Persebaya Surabaya’s Foreign Player Composition: Aji Santoso Reveals Substitute for Taisei Marukawa– The composition of foreign players Persebaya Surabaya is complete, Aji Santoso said the replacement for Taisei Marukawa in the Bajol Ijo squad.

As is known, the quota for foreign players in League 1 next season has not changed, namely 3 non-Asian foreign players and 1 Asian foreign player.

Persebaya is reported to have completed negotiations to bring in four foreign players who will be part of the Bajol Ijo squad next season.

Regarding the composition of the country of origin, Aji Santoso said many were dominated by Brazilian players.

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“From Brazil 3 people, from Japan 1 person,” said the former coach of the Indonesian national team.

Jefferson Assis, Sho Yamamoto, Higor Vidal and Leo Lelis will be the foreign players of Persebaya Surabaya next season (Photo collage of Jefferson Assis, Sho Yamamoto, Higor Vidal and Leo Lelis)

The first foreign player to join was, of course, Leo Lelis.

The former Persiraja Banda Aceh player has appeared with Persebaya in the Surabaya 729 game against Persis Solo.

While three other players are rumored to be coming at the end of this May.

Launching Youtube Ram Surachman, Aji Santoso has also not closed the identity of the three foreign players who will come.

The three players are Higor Vidal (Brazil), Jefferson Assis (Brazil) and Sho Yamamoto (Japan).

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