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The Deutsche Pfandbriefbank share is listed on the Xetra stock exchange on April 21, 2022, 9:07 p.m. at a price of EUR 12.09. Deutsche Pfandbriefbank shares are assigned to the “Thrifts & Mortgage Financing” segment.

Based on a total of 8 evaluation criteria, we have developed an assessment of the current level for Deutsche Pfandbriefbank. At each stage, the company receives a Buy, Hold, or Sell rating. This results in a final weighting of the overall grade.

1. Fundamental: The price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio is currently 6.67. This means that the stock exchange pays EUR 6.67 for every EUR of profit made by Deutsche Pfandbriefbank. This is 49 percent less than what is paid for comparable values ​​in the industry. In the “Thrifts & Mortgage Financing” section, the average value is currently 13.15. As a result, the stock is undervalued and is therefore rated a Buy on a P/E basis.

2. Relative Strength Index: For stocks, technical analysis also looks at the ratio of up and down movements in a price over time and plots this for a 7-day period in the Relative Strength Index. Based on this so-called RSI, Deutsche Pfandbriefbank is currently oversold at 14.71. Therefore, this signal is rated Buy. Extending the relative movement to 25 days (RSI25) gives the stock a reading of 27.82. This is considered a signal that the stock is considered oversold. Accordingly, the rating on this basis is “Buy”. Overall, this results in the classification “Buy” for the RSI.

3. Sentiment and Buzz: In addition to analyzes from banks, the benchmark for the mood surrounding stocks is also the long-term mood among investors and users on the Internet. The number of posts over a longer period of time and the change in sentiment give a good long-term picture of sentiment. We examined Deutsche Pfandbriefbank’s stock for these two factors. The number of posts or intensity of discussion showed a medium level of activity, from which we believe a “hold” rating can be generated. The rate of change in sentiment for Deutsche Pfandbriefbank remained low, and hardly any changes could be identified. This corresponds to a “hold” rating. In this respect, we give the Deutsche Pfandbriefbank share a “Hold” rating in terms of long-term sentiment.

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Should Deutsche Pfandbriefbank Investors Sell Immediately? Or is it worth getting started?

How will Deutsche Pfandbriefbank develop now? Is an entry worthwhile or should investors rather sell? You can find out the answers to these questions and why you need to act now in the current Deutsche Pfandbriefbank analysis.