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Composition of the political office of Nidaa Tounes de Hammamet

The deputy Abdelaziz Kotti was elected today secretary general of Nidaa Tounes and the Secretary of State for Immigration and Tunisians Abroad, Adel Jarboui, President of the Political Bureau, confirmed this Sunday, April 14, 2019 Kotti to Business News.

The work of the congress of Nidaa Tounes pursued by the clan of Hammamet resulted in the distribution of the management positions which are as follows:

– Chairman of the Political Committee: Adel Jarboui

– Vice President: Anis Riahi

– Secretary General of the Party: Abdelaziz Kotti

– Chairman of the central committee and legal representative: Sofiène Toubel

– President of the National Council and spokesperson: Ons Hattab

– Deputy Secretary General for External Relations: Salah Belhaj Amor

– Deputy Secretary General for Tunisians Abroad Mohamed Ben Souf

– Treasurer: Abderraouf Chebbi

– Deputy Secretary General in charge of structures: Mohamed Ramzi Khamis

– Deputy Secretary-General for Women: Ibtihej Ben Hlel

– Deputy Secretary General for Youth: Hassen Laâmeri

– Deputy Secretary General for Training: Khansa Ben Harrath

– Deputy Secretary General for Social Affairs: Mounir Balti

– Deputy Secretary General for Party Relations: Ali Bargougui

– Deputy Secretary-General for Relations with Organizations: Houda Tekia

– Deputy Secretary General in charge of monitoring government action: Noureddine Mrabti

– Deputy Secretary-General in charge of Parliament: Amira Zoukari

– Deputy Secretary General for Local Government: Houssem Berri

– Deputy Secretary General for Legal Affairs: Taieb Madani

– Deputy Secretary-General for Cultural Affairs: Mohamed Ahmed Dalhoumi

– Deputy Secretary-General for Studies: Najla Saâdaoui

In a statement to the media, Ons Hattab said the dialogue will continue with the rest of the party's members, including the group gathered in Monastir, although the Hammamet meeting has a quorum allowing it to make decisions legally. The president of the National Council and newly elected spokesperson reiterated her commitment to the rally of the progressive family in accordance with the recommendations of the founding president, Béji Caïd Essbsi, and waiting for his proposals.

The elections were held today in Hammamet under the presidency of Sofiène Toubel, President of the parliamentary bloc of Nidaa Tounes, elected yesterday at the head of the central committee of the party. It should be noted that another president of the central committee of Nidaa was also elected yesterday in the city of Monastir in the person of Hafedh Caïd Essebsi.



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