The Guaicaipuro Mayor’s Office, through the Health Directorate, carried out a comprehensive medical care session in the community of Ramo Verde, in Los Teques, Miranda state.

During the day, the specialties of general medicine, pediatrics were offered and vaccines against influenza, polio, hepatitis, pentavalent and tetanus toxoid were applied.

According to a press release from the Guaicaipuro Mayor’s Office, Elpidio Curvelo, a resident of Sector 2 of this community, indicated that this Thursday the inhabitants of sector 1 were served until 6.

“I think it is excellent that they carry out these medical conferences, residents of the Ramo Verde Residence, Los Pinos, the Tiuna Community Council and the Reaching Our Dreams Community Council have attended here,” he said.

Similarly, he highlighted his gratitude to the management of the mayor, Wisely Álvarez, for making these conferences possible.

Comprehensive Medical Care Operation benefits Ramo Verde families in Los Teques

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