Comptroller reviews health contract that was expensive and is not working

The Comptroller of Bogota reported on two fiscal findings for more than $7.7 billion after an audit process to the District Health Financial Fund. The first and most important has to do with the service contract of “Contac Center” for the operation of three service lines.

According to the entity, these are the line for assigning appointments and special campaigns, the Health Line for all (option 1 and 2) and Line 106. “The contract, which began on July 1, 2021, has a period of execution of 18 months, that is, it goes until December 31, 2022, and a value (after two additions), of $45.134 million, of which 93.95% corresponds to the Appointment Line. And it is precisely about the deficiency in the management of this service, previously known as the Call Center Districtl, and the coordination of actions to comply with the availability of agendas, which this control body has drawn attention to,” the entity said.

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From the Comptroller’s point of view, it was established that the change in modality from Call Center to Contact Center caused an increase in the average monthly cost for assigning appointments. The entity clarified that the costs went from $1,027,783,281 to $2,344,709,285, which would have generated a tax finding of $7,638,040,951.

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In addition, another finding was reported in the amount of $113,400,000, this for the purchase of mechanical fans without proper verification of compliance with the requirements by the contractor. “The control entity considers that these deficiencies not only affect the resources allocated to a sector as delicate as health, but also are detrimental to the quality of life of citizens,” the statement read.

For now the Health Secretary He has not spoken respectfully. However, the Comptroller must enter to investigate and determine whether or not there was a patrimonial detriment on the part of the entity.

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