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Some municipalities in Baden-Württemberg have introduced compulsory corona testing in daycare centers. But whether “lolly test” or chopsticks: There are not enough tests available everywhere.

A nationwide test obligation There are still no daycare centers, but more and more municipalities are introducing rapid corona tests for children and caregivers to be looked after.

The city of Schwäbisch Hall already had one at the end of March Compulsory testing for children Introduced in day care centers. Since March 29, 2021, only children who can show a negative Covid test can be admitted to emergency care.

Compulsory testing in Tübingen daycare centers

A corona test has also been mandatory for visits to daycare centers in Tübingen since Monday. According to information from the city administration, all parents have been informed of this in a letter from Mayor Boris Palmer (Greens). It states that the measurable incidence in Tübingen has increased significantly despite all efforts. A number of outbreaks in schools and daycare centers are also responsible for this.

“Testing small children is controversial and requires more empathy than high school graduates. It is best for parents to do the tests themselves.” However, there is also the possibility of having the children tested in the facility. The goal is to be able to keep the daycare centers open, says Palmer.

Lolly tests arrived late

In the district of Schwäbisch Hall, the daycare centers are closed, but since Monday there should be compulsory testing for the children in the urban daycare centers in Crailsheim Emergency care be valid. However, this had to be postponed by a week at short notice. The reason is a late delivery of so-called lolly tests. The tests are currently difficult to get, said city spokesman Christian Herse. The delivery did not arrive until Monday afternoon. The city does not want to use the classic and well-known rapid tests with chopsticks in day-care centers.

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The compulsory corona test for children in the municipal kindergartens in Crailsheim (Schwäbisch Hall district) has been postponed by one week. The lolly tests didn’t arrive on time.

“The data from the district show that a high number of infections last had their origin in kindergartens. Children and the carers were infected here and the virus was then passed on to their families,” said Crailsheim’s mayor Christoph Grimmer (non-party). With the test obligation one wants Avoid closings in the third wave as best as possible.

Stuttgart for voluntary corona rapid tests in daycare centers

The city of Stuttgart has also opted for corona self-tests in day-care centers. We are currently waiting for the tests to be delivered. The tests are initially planned for two weeks and should take place twice a week on Monday and Wednesday be carried out at home by the parents before they go to the daycare center. The tests are voluntary. It is up to the parents to decide whether they want to test their child, according to the Stuttgart health department.

Municipalities responsible for distributing the corona tests

According to its own statements, the Ministry of Social Affairs carried out award procedures for the procurement of self-tests at an early stage after the Easter break. The tests procured could accordingly cover the needs of the coming weeks – also against the background of the current conception of the opening strategy. Up to 39 million test kits should be available by the end of June. Until then, test kits are to be procured by the state as part of urgency awards.

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The Ministry of Social Affairs, which is responsible for the procurement and distribution of the test kits, has agreed with the districts, cities and municipalities that the test kits will be delivered to the local authorities. They, in turn, are responsible for distribution to all schools and day-care centers, regardless of the sponsorship in their area.

Corona tests are hardly available in Schrozberg

In the former Corona hotspot Schrozberg (Schwäbisch Hall district), on the other hand, tests for children are hardly available, according to Mayor Jacqueline Förderer. About four weeks ago, a focus of infection in a kindergarten caused a corona outbreak in the town. The number of infections has decreased again, but the city is having difficulties getting test kits for children. The deliveries are pending. The prices exploded because of the high demand in the market. It is hoped that a merger of several municipalities will make it easier to get to the tests for children by ordering larger quantities.



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