Compulsory vaccination for professional footballers “completely absurd” – debate for Christoph Schickhardt populism

There is “no legally plausible connection point”, added Schickhardt to the Munich “AZ” and the “Straubinger Tagblatt”.

“You shouldn’t pillory the footballers. Joshua Kimmich is an outstanding athlete and, as you can hear from everyone, also a very serious person,” said Schickhardt.

“I think it is completely wrong to attribute a role model function to footballers in this regard. They are completely overwhelmed by that,” he said. Anyone who “needs a role model to decide whether to get vaccinated or not can really no longer be helped. All the facts have long been on the table.”

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In the case of Kimmich and other unvaccinated professionals, however, politician Friedrich Merz, who is applying for the post of CDU chairman, brought a possible professional ban into play. “You can tell him: there are two options. Either you get vaccinated – then you play. Or you don’t get vaccinated – then you don’t play, ”he said on the ZDF talk show on Markus Lanz. This country, so Merz further, “has to be consistent at some point”. People who have not been vaccinated have to be said: “Okay, but then you will no longer take part in public life here.”

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