Concern in Guyana over the situation of Venezuelan immigrants

CIJ Guyana
Photo: Referential

The government of Guyana expressed this Sunday to be concerned about the entry of Venezuelan immigrants through the northwest of the country in poor health and without food.

Various official agencies have indicated that so far 12 Venezuelans, including children, have allegedly entered the country illegally through Port Kaituma, in northwestern Guyana, from a nearby village.

Faced with this, several government agencies in Guyana have responded with medical interventions, providing immigrants with health aid and food.

As a further measure, a first responder team left for Port Kaituma on Saturday with more supplies.

This team will coordinate with other colleagues to collaborate in this health and humanitarian intervention.

In turn, a group of officials reported that an aircraft will remain in Port Kaituma to assist in any medical transfer, if necessary.

Venezuela and Guyana also maintain a long border conflict over the Essequibo, a territory of almost 160,000 square kilometers that represents almost two-thirds of the second country.

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