Condé-Northen: the twin would have recognized the deadly gesture

Condé-Northen: the twin would have recognized the deadly gesture

The alleged perpetrator of the stab wound to his twin brother in Pontigny (annex Condé-Northen), was still in custody yesterday, in the premises of the gendarmerie Boulay. This young man of 26 years would have confessed his gesture, without explaining it so far.

“Something that was bustling” Saturday afternoon, when the two brothers were alone in the family home, 18, rue du Pont-de-la-Nied, an argument would have broken out. The origin of this has not been officially communicated. In the village, a source close to the family evokes “an old story, something that was brewing”. But impossible to know more.

A sibling of triplets Still, the bloodshed has turned into a madness. Around 17:30, Loïc Barbé was lying on the ground in the house, a kitchen knife planted at the heart. His brother, presumably disoriented, had then called a passerby in the street to alert the fire department. He will later tell the investigators that he thought he had just hurt his twin. Except that the arrival of help, it was already too late … Placed in custody, the mis en cause will be presented today before the prosecutor. In this village near Boulay, the business was still buzzing yesterday.

At their daughter’s house Nobody would have imagined that such a misfortune could strike this family, composed of a triplet fraternity. At the time of the events, the parents were at their daughter’s house in the south, while their two sons had remained in Pontigny.


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