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SAN ANTONIO, Texas. – A front passes over the region this Tuesday morning bringing heavy rains to San Antonio and causing some traffic accidents, as well as power outages.

At approximately 3:30 a.m. an accident involving an 18-wheeler and a vehicle was reported at the Von Ormy exit. Authorities said one person was taken to the hospital in stable condition. This incident caused the closure of both lanes of I-35 in the early hours of the morning and they have already been reopened to traffic.

Another accident occurred in the early hours of the morning on the I-35 highway north of San Antonio, but at the moment it is unknown if there were any injuries.

Regarding power outages, CPS Energy indicates on its website that there are 4,195 customers without service in San Antonio.

“Our crews are working to resolve weather-related outages as storms continue to move through our service area,” read the CPS Energy statement.

People who need to report a service outage can do so by calling 210-353-4357.

According to the National Weather Service forecast, the highest rainfall totals will likely be in the East, where 1 to 2 inches of precipitation can fall. There may be higher totals locally.

The heaviest rains should affect San Antonio and south central Texas through noon.

Wind gusts in excess of 40 miles per hour are expected in the afternoon. So if you have light items or your trash can outside, be aware that the wind will be strong enough to move light items.

The following list includes the phone numbers you should have on hand to report problems or request assistance:

  • 9-1-1 – To connect in any emergency with the fire department, police and ambulance services
  • 3-1-1 – Connects you with specially trained customer service representatives ready to help with all the services the City of San Antonio offers
  • ELECTRIC POWER: 210-353-4357– To report electrical problems or gas emergencies through CPS Energy Service in the city of San Antonio. Residents of rural areas should call 800-773-3077

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