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Conductor Unicorn: What to do if no one has the say?

Mr. Zeiler, three and a half years ago, you founded a company that makes vegan condoms:
        Unicorn. They pulled it together with a partner. But announce now
        You, the bosses abolished. What do you have to smoke in the morning to get such a thought

Waldemar Zeiler:
You must have been a very frustrated boss before. Honestly, being boss is sucks,
        at least that's what it was for me. You imagine it as if you were the business
        develop, have many strategic meetings, think about the future. But the reality
        Looks like you're constantly clarifying personnel issues, negotiating salaries, holidays
        freely give.

Where were you boss?

I have an extremely capitalistic background, influenced by Rocket Internet, the
        Company of the Samwer brothers. I looked different, with rimless glasses,
        wanted to be with 30 millionaire. But after seven Start-upsalmost all against the wall
        I was on the verge of burnout. Time to pull the ripcord.

You were managing director at Samwers?

Not directly at Rocket Internet, but in one of their start-ups back then. One of
        Mercenaries who have a few company shares and pretend that they are founders, but they are
        actually are not.

Now you are the real founder and have coworkers around you. How should that be?
        go without a boss? One has to make the announcements.

"Not everyone is in favor of deciding many things on their own."

Elisa Naranjo, employee at Einhorn

But it does not always have to be the same. That's the fight we have here right now. We
        have consciously created a huge leadership vacuum last year. There was then
        many tears – but nobody wants to return to the old system.

We are interested in how your employees experience it. That's why you are in our conversation
        there, Mrs. Naranjo. How was that when the bosses withdrew a bit?

Elisa Naranjo:
We coworkers fell into a pretty deep hole. We have everything
        discussed. About who is allowed to discuss; who can decide what; whether we are now
        Have a meeting; whether we write on flipcharts or whiteboards; and who that
        decide if no one is allowed to decide.


Not everyone is in favor of deciding many things on their own. And it was
        Of course, also comfortable to know in an emergency, the bosses clarify that.

Part of being a boss is to make unpleasant announcements. Who is doing this now?

Once we decided that everyone gave everyone feedback, that was a shallow one
        Number. All have actually said only what the other good, that he maybe one
        a bit much works, such things. But now the feedback is more accurate, you can go
        much more pure.

In which situation do you wish the boss back?

Once we did not take on a trainee who wanted to stay. This
        I had to talk, that was not the best thing in my life.

Were you not tempted to step in, Mr. Zeiler?

No, I offer help. I like being a mentor and reluctant to be a boss.

Mentor is just another word for boss!

No. But I already ask critical questions. Many people do not dare, it
        to speak when something goes wrong.

For example?



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