Condusef alerts for fraud that promises government bonds

The cyber crime diversified and now operates with a modality of data Engineering, where they use as a hook the bonus offer of federal governmentwarned the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef).

How does this alleged government bond fraud detected by the Condusef operate?

As part of the inauguration of the A3 Service Center, on the Iztapalapa City Hallin Mexico Citythe President of the Condusef, Óscar Rosado, pointed out that the fraud begins with the sending of a message to the social networks of the victim, in which they inform him, in a misleading way, that he has some supposed bonds of Federal government.

“They send messages on networks, it appears that there is a bonus from the federal government, that you send, there is the key to the deception, in these deceptions what they ask you for is your personal data, they ask you to send money somewhere or with the personal data you They also start asking for the bank details”.

Head of the Conducef.

Condusef alerts for fraud that promises federal government bonds
The Conducef reported that the alleged federal government bonds promised by criminals do not exist. Photo: Shutterstock.

Oscar Rosado asked the population to be attentive to this type of operant modefrom from delinquency and others that appear practically every week.

On other issues, he assured that, so far, no complaints have been filed financial service users for purchases made during the Hot Sale 2022.

“We do not have any specific formal complaint because remember that complaints arrive late. Whoever suffers an event today, will surely react or realize it or go with us until next week, in the best case.”


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