Condusef alerts Juarenses about fraud in express loans – El Heraldo de Juárez

“No institution would offer you loans with minimum requirements or through an application or a social network. That is not their way of working,” said Ericka Villagomez from Condusef Juárez yesterday when being interviewed by El Heraldo de Juárez.

“We have detected that many of these companies that offer express loans are not regulated or registered with us as financial or loan entities. We urge citizens to be very careful and not be fooled,” added the official.

“Right now we are making the Condusef website available to our users, which is, as well as the telephone number 555 34 00 999 and there the person who has any questions about these companies that are dedicated to make loans with minimum requirements, there you can call us and ask us if they are registered with us and if there is any regulation around them.

“Within the same page of Condusef there is a section where you can verify if the company is registered with us and there is some regulation around it. It is the System of Registration of Financial Providers (Sipres) there they type the name of the company and it appears if it is registered or not”, added the official.

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Finally, the head of the office in this border added a comment: “Loans or credits with low interest, minimum requirements and fast cash delivery time are a whole series of factors to distrust who offers them since everything is directed to what be a fraud. Better to go to serious companies that are duly registered and regulated so as not to fall into some fraud or scam “,. Villagómez Girosky concluded.