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confessed that she wanted revenge on her ex-husband

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A woman confessed that she murdered her 4-year-old daughter, in a crime that shocked the Spanish town of Sant Joan Despí.

According to La Vanguardia, María Cristina Rivas (35) told the judge that she killed the minor to take revenge on her ex-husband, with whom she had been separated for two years.

“I did it for reasons related to my ex-partner,” he said by videoconference, from where he is recovering from a drug overdose after trying to kill himself after committing the crime.

According to the background, the woman acknowledged that she had been planning the event for months.

The crime occurred on May 31, after the Mossos found the body of the minor and her unconscious mother at the address where they lived.

The night before, Rivas gave his daughter an anxiolytic and the next morning he suffocated her by putting a plastic bag on her head.

After this, she called the school to inform that the minor would not go because she was not feeling well. Later, he contacted his work to also apologize for not attending.

After this, he took his dog for a walk and then tried to kill himself. The maternal grandmother found her daughter and granddaughter unconscious, giving notice to the police.


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