Confessing the incarnation of Jesus Christ, this man was arrested by Russian special forces page all

MOSCOW, – Russian special forces reportedly conducted an operation to arrest sect leaders in Siberia, who claim the incarnation of Jesus Christ.

Sergei Torop, also known as Vissarion, along with his colleagues Vadim Redkin and Vladimir Vedernikov, were carried by armed forces.

Both footage and released by the Russian Investigative Committee show Torop, who has gray hair and a beard, being carried to a helicopter with two of his colleagues.

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The operation, which was held in the Krasnoyarsk Region, Siberia, was executed by special forces from the FSB (secret service) and other law enforcement agencies.

Reported Daily Mail Tuesday (9/22/2020), dozens of military personnel and four helicopters were deployed to a place called the City of the Sun.

According to the Investigative Committee’s statement, the Torop-led sect used “psychological violence”. Caused a number of his followers to experience serious health conditions.

Three leaders of the sect were also under investigation on suspicion of “causing painful wounds to two or more of their followers.”

Sergei Torop, a 59-year-old man, is a former traffic cop who claims he was born as the incarnation of Jesus Christ in 1990.

Quoted AFP, he described experiencing a “resurrection” when he lost his job one year earlier.

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Then in 1991, he founded a religious sect which he named the Church of the Last Testament, with followers from all walks of life.

Among them were musicians, doctors, teachers, colonels in the Soviet Union’s Red Army, and some even came from Cuba, Germany and Australia.

Torop was then asked in 2009 how he knew that he was the incarnation of a person known as the Son of God.

“I feel that something is overflowing out of me and has survived until now,” explained Torop in the interview.

At his church, Torop says he “wrote a sequel to the Bible,” and said a woman should be weak.

In the 1990s, a number of his followers committed suicide, partly because of the difficulty of living there and lack of medical care.

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