Confession to Ellen DeGeneres: Oscar winner Jared Leto sold weed as a teenager – entertainment

Jared Leto made extra money as a teenager doing illegal business. Photo: Billy Bennight/AdMedia/

Jared Leto is a celebrated character actor these days. But there were also times when the Oscar winner was selling drugs.

Actor Jared Leto (49) has become an integral part of the dream factory. At least since he received an Oscar for “Best Supporting Actor” for “Dallas Buyers Club” in 2014. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres (63) it turned out that Leto ran his own “Buyers Club” in his early teenage days: “When I was a child, I worked in a cinema and was fired for selling weed from the back door” the star confessed.

Leto jokes that he was “an entrepreneur” and knew that popcorn and weed “go well together,” jokes about his teenage business, which was highly illegal at the time. Meanwhile, numerous states in the United States have either completely legalized cannabis or at least decriminalized it. In conservative US states, such as Texas or Georgia, the use, possession and sale are still completely prohibited.

Gucci instead of grass

Nowadays Leto is no longer dependent on shady shops in the backyards of the cinema, but shines on the screen. From December 2nd he will prove his skills once more. Then the drama “House of Gucci” starts in the cinemas in this country, in which he embodies the Italian businessman Paolo Gucci (1931-1995).


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