Confiep rejects ‘Mulder law’: “It is against the right to information”


The National Confederation of Private Business Institutions (Confiep) on Thursday expressed its rejection of the bill that prohibits state advertising in private media. Legislative proposal was approved for insistence on the Transportation commission and this afternoon will be seen in the Plenary. The institution led by Roque Benavides He questioned the approval of the project in the aforementioned commission, stating that it “undermines the right of all citizens to be duly informed.” YOU CAN SEE Plenary of the Congress debates today pending projects, among them ‘law Mulder’ The business association asserted that the State has the duty to inform the population on a permanent basis about the activities it carries out, the services it implements, the development of infrastructure and productive sectors. “It must carry out information campaigns to promote the industrial, productive and service sectors of our country,” he explained, citing an example of the tourism sector and the Peru brand, which has allowed more than 4,000,000 tourists in 2017. La Confiep recalled the initiative has been questioned by various authorities such as Ombudsman’s Office , involved entities such as National Society of Radio and Television , he Council of the Peruvian Press , the International Broadcasting Association , among others. “Despite this, the project was exonerated from debate and approved by the Permanent Commission , leaving aside all contrary opinions, and preventing a transparent, public and due discussion on a project that deals with a fundamental right of the citizen, which is to be informed. This, in the opportunity to review the observation of Executive power Unfortunately, it is repeating itself, which is painful, “he added. In that sense, the Confiep urged the congressmen to act with prudence and reflect during the debate on this bill.

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