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Published on : 04/24/2020 – 11:24Modified : 04/24/2020 – 11:38

World Religions – Sunday April 26, 2020 – 11.10-10.00 (Paris time)

Closed mosques, lack of imams from abroad, iftar, the breaking meal of the evening fast without neighbors, friends or extended family: then does Ramadan confined mean Ramadan confiscated?

Besides the feeling of frustration and isolation of the faithful, the religious highlight the opportunity that this confinement represents to live a month of more spiritually intense Ramadan, while initiatives are still timid of a Ramadan online thanks digital tools such as sermons disseminated on social networks.

In this show, we will hear Mohamed Moussaoui, President of the CFCM (the French Council for Muslim Worship); Mourad Latrech, co-founder of the online daily Saphirnews and the quarterly Salamnews; Sinatou Saka, social media specialist on RFI; the imam Abdelali Mamoun and Kahina Balhoul, the first female imam in France co-founder with Imam Faker Korchane of the Fatima mixed mosque where men and women pray together.

Grand guest Makram Abbès, university professor at ENS Lyon where he heads the section of Arab studies. Makram Abbès translated and wrote the introduction to the book by Muhammad Shahrour “ For a humanist Islam : a contemporary reading of the Koran (Deer).

Muhammad Shahrour, who died in December 2019 at the age of 81 in Abu Dhabi, studied the Quran for thirty years by voluntarily abandoning everything that was produced afterwards, including hadiths. The one who is nicknamed “the Luther of Islam” offers a liberating reading of the Koran.



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