Confirmed death of former president of the Constituent Assembly in Bolivia | News

The former Bolivian president, Evo Morales, confirmed this Sunday the death of the former president of the Constituent Assembly, Silvia Lazarte.


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“Silvia Lazarte has left us, a dear sister, who encouraged with her revolutionary spirit the construction of a culturally diverse and fairer Bolivia, as a militant and President of the Constituent Assembly. My condolences to her family and the Bolivian people,” Morales announced. .

Lazarte distinguished herself for her leadership for indigenous communities and as president of the Constituent Assembly in 2006-2008 she fought for the rights of the popular sectors.

The Quechua indigenous leader was designated in 2007 as the person of the year by the audience of the Bolivian Radio Network (Erbol), after a massive survey carried out in the country’s filming stations.

“Silvia Lazarte was a woman of struggle and great convictions. My recognition and tribute for her great contribution to the construction of the Plurinational State since the Presidency of the Constituent Assembly. My solidarity and condolences with her family,” said former Bolivian Foreign Minister Diego Pary. .

For his part, the presidential candidate for the Movement for Socialism (MAS), Luis Arce, lamented the death of the indigenous leader and recalled her time as a constituent, “a deep pain seizes my heart, Sister Silvia Lazarte died. Social fighter , indigenous peasant leader and President of the historic Constituent Assembly that changed our Bolivia. Example of struggle and dignity. I accompany his family in this difficult moment, “he added.

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