The Ministry of Health reported on Monday that there were four new deaths and that 146 were confirmed infected in the country in the last 24 hours. In total, the number of infected totaled 966.

According to the official report, two men died in the province of Buenos Aires, aged 67 and 58; a 77-year-old woman from the province of Tucumán; and another 68-year-old woman from the Neuquén province. The deceased so far total 24.

Regarding positive cases, 50.6% are imported, 25% are close contacts of confirmed cases, and the rest are under epidemiological investigation. Of the total cases, 42% are women and 58% are men. While, the main affected age groups of the registered cases correspond to people between 20 and 59 years old, being the average age of 43 years.

The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the province of Buenos Aires concentrate about 70% of the cases in the country. That is why one of the main focuses of attention that the national government has at this moment is in the work of isolation and containment that must be carried out in the municipalities of the suburbs and the neighborhoods of the Federal Capital.

In addition, the Executive also works against the clock to multiply the number of beds in intensive care and ventilators, and tidy up the logistics involved in carrying out the national health operation that began as a consequence of the advance of the coronavirus.

The head of state explained that in this way it will be achieved that “the cycle of development of the virus in the body is met twice, so that we will have clearer data on how the disease is incubated.” “It is a long way, but it is a war against an invisible army that attacks us in places where we sometimes do not wait,” he said.

The decision was made after a day in which he met with experts and with the governors of the different provinces. “A group of eight experts that I regularly consult gave me their opinion on how the quarantine was evolving and their idea of ​​what we should do”, expressed on how the extension of social isolation was conceived.

The objective of the Casa Rosada continues to be to prevent positive cases from accelerating because that way the health system would collapse. But the social problem at the heart of Greater Buenos Aires is another of the thermometers that they monitor on a daily basis. The continuity of the isolation does not generate the same effect in the suburbs as in the City.

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