Confirmed, IA ITB Jakarta Management Supports Smart City with Big Data

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Regional Management of the ITB Jakarta Alumni Association (IA ITB Jakarta) for the 2022-2026 period was officially inaugurated on Friday, September 16, 2022, at the Bidakara Hotel, South Jakarta. The Decree of the Inauguration of Regional Management was read directly by the Chairman of the Central Management of the ITB Alumni Association (PP IA ITB), Gembong Primadjaya, who symbolically handed over the IA ITB Jakarta plaque to the Chair of IA ITB Jakarta for the 2022/2026 period, Damoza Nirwan.

The event was attended by a number of alumni figures, including Deputy Governor Achmad Riza Patria, Head of DKI Jakarta Investment and PTSP Agency Benni Aguscandra, CEO of Paragon Technology Salman Subakat and Director of Commerce & Property of PT Jakarta Infrastruktur Propertindo Ivan C. Permana. The event was supported by ParagonCorp, Biofarma, Hyundai Gowa and

The Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta who is also the Chairman of the IA ITB Jakarta Advisory Board, Ahmad Riza Patria, said that the presence of IA ITB is awaited to collaborate with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, both in terms of technology and education.

“The theme is continuing to make improvements for the City of Jakarta as a smart city for big data. The presence of friends with this discussion completes the Jakarta City program which wants to ensure that it becomes a modern, advanced city, and is on par with other cities in the world,” he continued.

The head of PP IA ITB, Gembong Primadjaya, hopes that the Pj. The new governor of DKI Jakarta can be an opportunity for IA ITB to contribute to the people of Jakarta, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. “There is window of opportunity for IA ITB Jakarta for contributing to this momentum. Our tasks are quite difficult for our friends who are here, namely to gather and make contributions to the people of Jakarta,” said Gembong.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of IA ITB Jakarta Damoza Nirwan said that the contribution of IA ITB to the people of Jakarta must be realized in a real way and the benefits of it can be felt by the citizens of Jakarta. “When studying at ITB, ITB alumni were subsidized by the government, it’s time for us to giving back to the society. We must contribute both in energy, mind, and material with enthusiasm giving back to the society,” said Damoza.

After the remarks and the inauguration ceremony took place, the event continued with a discussion session with the theme “Integrating Big Data for Accelerating Social and Economic Development in Jakarta” with speakers Salman Subakat, Ivan C. Permana, Damoza Nirwan and Mochamad Achir Taher.

Salman Subakat said that Indonesians are famous for the term gotong royong or working together or helping among members in a community. It can be trigger to produce quick win with collaboration between experts and practitioners related to big data. “Big data integration must end in a simple way, by following the principles of meaningful, actionable and have networking effect,” concluded Salman.

Ivan C. Permana, in his presentation, quoted a Smart City expert from ITB, Prof. Suhono, regarding the urgency of three important elements in Smart City. “Sensing namely recognizing the characteristics of the data, Understanding namely data interpretation by utilizing Artificial Intelligence, and Acting namely taking action based on the results of data interpretation. These three things need to be understood in big data integration,” said Ivan.

Head of IA ITB Jakarta Damoza is committed to following up the results of tonight’s discussion with concrete actions. IA ITB Jakarta steps on the gas to develop sustainable solutions for the people of DKI Jakarta through a series of focus group discussion with stakeholders, experts and practitioners in order to realize real solutions based on big data integration for the people of Jakarta.

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