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Confirmed Luis Miguel comes to Peru: Here are some tips to save and buy your ticket

We said it. Luis Miguel will arrive in Peru next year as part of the "Mexico por siempre" tour. The national producer Kandavu began yesterday to publish the intrigue messages regarding the concert, as has been done in other Latin American countries. A video can be seen on your Facebook account and even on panels on Avenida Javier Prado. They do not specify the date, but the rumors point to the first week of March. Maybe after Viña del Mar, if this is also confirmed.
However. They say that football is the most important of the least important. Well, not for everyone. So, what to do with this vital information if you want to go as close to the scene as possible? It is very likely that the tickets are not necessarily cheap given the recent relaunch of the career of my daddy, my Micky … sorry, the Latin American star. Then you have to think about how to 'recurse' and to be ready (os) and put the tent outside of Wong and Metro or the place where the tickets sell. Here are some suggestions:

1. The "grati" and the deposit of the CTS are coming.
2. You can sell your blood. *
3. Ask the entrance to your boyfriend / husband as a gift combo 2019. That is, valid for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthday and Christmas. (In the end he will also want to go).
4. Work as Santa Claus or inside any character of Dulopillo during the Christmas season. It counts as being "bubjita" of Maricarmen Marín or María in which she wants a living birth.
5. Locate the man who plays the quena outside the concerts and make the second with a stick of water. The list of songs can include "Romance", "Second Romance" and "Romances" and "Aries" (my favorite album).
6. Prepare cookies with shapes of the sun and the bay of Acapulco and sell them door to door as Girl Scouts. That they have chía to also get to the hipster / healthy public.
7. Make summaries of "Luis Miguel, the series" on video and post them on YouTube. Receive dividends
8. Nanas (os) express. Take care of the little children of your friends for hours so that they can go out to see the street sometime. There are many desperate mothers and fathers who need people of confidence just for a couple of hours to eat a salchipapa.
9. Use the techniques of the best stylists and cut hair to men who demand it, as the Sun has done over time. It can be practiced with siblings, children and best friends. Pets also play.
10. If you are a fan level The Unconditional (the highest) can give workshops to newcomers followers since the series broadcast on Netflix. Some subjects: "Introduction to the music of the sun. Periods "La Malagueña", "A man seeks a woman" and "Mexico forever". Also "Life and work of Luis Miguel. The psychology of an idol "e" History of his looks 1982-2018. Stages covered: soldier costume of 'Always on Sunday', Versace shirts of the 90s, tuxedos for boleros and suits to this day. Also hats and Cuban guayaberas ".
Do not wait more. Start today. * You really can not sell your blood, it's illegal.



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