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Confirmed that the slimmer Kim Jong Un is real. Just lost 20 lbs.

Date 29 Oct 2021 time 10:51

South Korea denies rumors Kim Jong-un is slimming is a fake The North Korean leader has only lost 20 kilograms of weight.

South Korea’s National Intelligence Agency (NIS) told a meeting of the South Korean parliament that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has lost 20 kilograms, from 140 kilograms in 2019. Since then, there are about 120 kg left.

South Korean intelligence officials use techniques such as facial analysis. weight tracking model Analysis of high-definition video clips and artificial intelligence technology to assess the body weight of Kim Jong Un And now Kim Jong Un is in good health.

NIS also stated that rumors of Kim Jong Un using a fake identity in recent public appearances have been reported. this is not true

The 37-year-old leader’s health has been in the spotlight for years. Because he himself is overweight and still smokes. while family members have a history of heart disease

In the past few months Kim Jong Un appeared in public with an unusually slim figure. The military parade in September and the launch of the latest nuclear weapon last month. last Oct. It left the North Koreans heartbroken to see their leader sink in.