Congo-Brazzaville: A transnational criminal organization that loots, steals, destroys and mortgages future generations and the future of Congo-B.

In business for almost 20 years now around Jean Jacques BOUYA, Mr. Jean Louis OSSO is the henchman, handyman of BOUYA from the presidency to the various state and strategic structures in the transport and logistics sector.

** Jean Louis OSSO Transport Advisor to Denis SASSOU NGUESSO


** Jean Louis OSSO CEO of ECAIR

** Jean Louis OSSO CEO of Pointe-Noire PORT / DGA of Port Serge BOUYA

** Jean Louis OSSO PCA du GUOT / DG Rufin BOUYA

** Jean Louis OSSO Chairman of the Congolese Council of Shippers

From the Lucien EBATA galaxy which siphons off the oil revenue for the benefit of SASSOU NGUESSO et Cie; focus on Jean Jacques BOUYA and his man Jean Louis OSSO transport advisor to Denis SASSOU NGUESSO.

The fall of President Pascal LISSOUBA recorded on 15/10/1997, the Denis SASSOU NGUESSO regime gradually worked to establish a totalitarian regime, putting an end to the embryonic democratic process initiated the day after the sovereign national conference of 1990.

On the economic level, like an elephant, booty from the hunt organized by SASSOU NGUESSO, the PCT and national and international allies, Congo-B has been carved up into economic sectors for the benefit of the clans in power. Clans in power which can to can turned into “stables” each of which is led by a “stable leader”.

Can be a picture of 2 people and text that says 'AC TAC AL TAC @ECAirECAir @ECAir ECAir DECA EC ECAir Air ΘE ΘEC ECAir- Equatorial Congo Airlines ECAir Jean-Louis Osso, Chairman of the Board of ECAir and Advisor to Transport and Civil Aviation at the Presidency with Ahmad Elhage, Managing Director of Tac.'

Thus, a “transnational and trans-ethnic criminal organization” called SASSOULAND siphons off, loots, steals, and hides the various common heritage rents of our country.

From oil revenue to forestry revenue, including mining or digital revenue, add to this the funds resulting from multilateral partnerships (World Bank, IMF, EU, etc.) and/or bilateral (USA, France, Canada, China, etc.) ) are squandered in institutionalized impunity, the “boss” of this “transnational and trans-ethnic criminal organization” is called Denis SASSOU NGUESSO.

We’re not dupes. Youma’s Plan Is …Yanke Pe


PCA: Chairman of the Board of Directors

DGA: Deputy Managing Director

CEO: Managing Director