Congratulations to the anniversaries – Daina Kazakeviča, Selina Dion, Eric Clapton and others!

Jubilees in Latvia

In 1981, Dainis Kazakevičs – head coach of the Latvian men’s football team.

In 1958, Artis Bute – painter.

In 1932, Gunārs Stade – pianist, concertmaster.

In 1922, Jānis Dūmiņš – conductor (died in 2011).

Jubilees in the world

In 1986, Sergio Ramos – Spanish footballer, winner of the 2010 World Cup, 2008 and 2012 European champion.

In 1984, Mario Ancic – Croatian tennis player.

In 1982, Philippe Mexes – French football player.

In 1979, Nora Jones – American singer.

In 1976, Ty Conklin – American hockey player.

In 1976, Obadele Thompson – Barbadian track and field athlete, 2000 Olympic Games bronze medalist in the 100-meter race.

In 1973, Jan Koller – Czech football player.

In 1972, Karel Poborskis – Czech football player.

In 1968, Celine Dion – Canadian singer.

In 1966, Joey Castillo – American drummer (“Queens of the Stone Age”).

In 1964, Jan Ziering – an American actor.

1964 Tracy Chapman – American singer.

In 1962, MC Hammer – American rapper.

In 1950, Robbie Coltrane – Scottish actor and comedian.

In 1948, Eddie Jordan – former owner of F-1 team “Jordan”.

In 1945 Eric Clapton – British musician.

In 1937, Warren Beatty – American actor and director.

In 1926, Ingvars Kamprads – Swedish businessman, founder of the IKEA chain of stores (died in 2018).

In 1913, Frankie Lane – American singer (died in 2007).

In 1913, Richard Helms – former director of the CIA (died in 2002).

In 1894, Sergey Ilyushin – Russian aviation engineer (died in 1977).

In 1880, Sean O’Casey – Irish playwright (died in 1964).

In 1853, Vincent van Gogh – a Dutch painter (died in 1890).

In 1844, Paul Verlaine – French poet (died in 1896).

In 1746, Francisco Goya – Spanish painter (died in 1828).

In 1432, Mehmed II – Ottoman sultan (died in 1481).

In 1326, Ivan II – Grand Duke of Moscow (died in 1359).

Events in Latvia

In 2007, the head coach of the Latvian national football team Jurijs Andrejevs announces his resignation. The reason for Andrejev’s resignation is the loss experienced by the Latvian football team against the Liechtenstein national team in the away match with 0:1.

In 2006, the 60th anniversary of Pāvul Jurjānas Children’s Music School, where many famous musicians, composers and conductors have studied, is celebrated with a concert.

In 2006, State President Vaira Vīke-Freiberga meets with the French Minister of European Affairs, Katrina Colona.

In 2006, Member of the European Parliament Valdis Dombrovskis (JL) participates in an audience with Pope Benedict XVI.
In 2006, the mother elephant Khaing Lwin Htoo gave birth to a baby in the Cologne Zoo, whose father is Raja, the largest Asian elephant in Europe, formerly of the Riga Zoo, but now living in the Emmen Zoo in Holland.

In 2005, a representative office of the Latvian Investment and Development Agency was officially opened in Oslo.

In 2004, the Riga Regional Court recovers 680,629 lats from the Riga City Council, which SIA “Raimonda Paula musical center “Vernisāža”” (“Vernisāža”), or the currently insolvent SIA “Izklaides centrs” invested in the arrangement of Vērmanes garden. The court also annuls the lease agreement concluded between Riga City Council and “Vernisāž” in 1998, with which the company was leased the territory of the garden in the center of Riga for 25 years.

In 2003, around 50 people of different ages picketed in front of the United States Embassy in Riga against the war in Iraq.
In 2002, the Baltic Anti-Criminal and Anti-Terrorist Forum (BAAF) was established, in which participants from four countries – Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Russia – participate.

In 2002, the UN Commissioner for Refugees ended its work in Latvia. In the future, solving the issues of refugees and asylum seekers in Latvia will be coordinated by two public organizations – the Latvian Red Cross and the Latvian Association of Foreigners.

In 2001, during her official visit to Denmark, State President Vaira Vīke-Freiberg participates in a lunch hosted by Queen Margaret II in Amalienborg, Christian IX Palace.

In 2000, NATO Secretary General Lord George Robertsons visits Latvia on an official visit.

In 2000, in Riga, at the intersection of Jēkaba ​​and Torņa streets, a picket was held with the aim of influencing the decision of Saeima deputies to allow non-citizens to participate in municipal elections.

In 2000, a meeting of the presidents of the Baltic states takes place in Vilnius. The President of Latvia Vaira Vīke-Freiberga, the President of Lithuania Valds Adamkus and the President of Estonia Lennarts Meri agree during the meeting that the solidarity of the Baltic States is and will continue to be an important support for strengthening the international position of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

In 1999, in Madrid, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, Māris Riekstiņš, and State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain, Ramon de Miguel, signed an agreement between the two countries on the readmission of illegally entered persons.

In 1998, the enlargement of the European Union (EU) is officially opened, in which ten Central and Eastern European countries, as well as Cyprus, will be admitted in two rounds of enlargement. According to the report prepared by the European Commission, Latvia is included in the second round of EU enlargement.

In 1997, the agreement between Latvia and Belarus on cooperation in customs matters came into force and the exchange of information between the customs administrations of the two countries was started.

In 1995, the Swiss Federal Counselor Zhan Pascal Delamoors visited Latvia.

In 1995, the official delegation of Bremen visited Riga, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the conclusion of the twinning agreement.

In 1903, at the age of 43, writer and folklorist Ansis Lerhis-Puškaitis (born in 1859) passed away.

In 1330, an official treaty of surrender of Riga to the Order was drawn up and sealed. The city was forced to submit to the order’s demands: to renounce the union with Lithuania, to allow one brother of the order to participate as a full member in the town hall meetings, to give the order a place to build a new castle (in place of the current Riga castle), to participate in the order’s campaigns, to return half of the court fees to the order.

Events in the world

In 2003, smoking is prohibited in bars and restaurants in New York.

In 2002, Queen Mother Elizabeth of Great Britain died at the age of 101.

In 2001, British rower Jim Shekhdar became the first person to row across the Pacific Ocean alone.

In 1994, the Bosnian parliament voted to create a Croat-Muslim federation, ending more than a year of war between two of Bosnia’s three ethnic communities.

In 1990, the Supreme Council of Estonia declares that the Soviet rule in Estonia since 1940 has been illegal, and begins the process of restoring Estonia’s independence.

In 1981, while leaving a hotel in Washington, US President Ronald Reagan was shot in the chest, sustaining lung injuries. The attacker – 25-year-old John Hinckley Jr. – is later declared insane and committed to a psychiatric hospital.

In 1979, Irish Republican Army (IRA) car bomb exploded near the House of Representatives in London, killing Eire Neave, representative of the British Conservatives for Northern Ireland.

In 1979, the people of Iran overwhelmingly voted for the establishment of an Islamic republic in a referendum.

In 1973, the US military role in Vietnam officially ends with the release of the last American prisoner and the departure of the last soldiers.

In 1972, Great Britain introduced direct administration of Northern Ireland after the resignation of the provincial prime minister, Bayan Faulkner.

In 1968, General Ludvik Svoboda was elected president of Czechoslovakia.

In 1966, Rashid Karami, Prime Minister of Lebanon, resigns.

In 1965, a car bomb exploded outside the US Embassy in Saigon, killing 22 and injuring 183.

In 1950, former French Prime Minister Leon Bloom dies.

In 1949, after Iceland joined NATO, riots broke out in Reykjavík, the capital.

In 1945, Soviet forces invaded Austria in the final weeks of World War II and captured Vienna, as well as the Baltic Sea port city of Danzig (now Gdańsk).

In 1925, the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner died at the age of 64.

In 1912, Sultan Abdelhafid signed the Treaty of Fez, making Morocco a French protectorate.

In 1867, the United States purchased Alaska from the Russian Empire for $7.2 million, or about $4.19 per square kilometer.

In 1863, Prince Wilhelm George of Denmark becomes King George of Greece.

In 1858, the American Hyman Lipman patents a pencil with an eraser attached to the end.

In 1856, the Russian Empire and France, Great Britain, the Kingdom of Sardinia and the Ottoman Empire signed the Paris Peace Treaty, ending the Crimean War.

In 1842, the American doctor Crawford Long used ether-induced general anesthesia for the first time in an operation.

In 1814, the forces of the six-nation coalition march on Paris. The forces of Austria, Prussia, Russia, Sweden, Great Britain and several German federal states defeated France in the War of the Six Coalitions and drove Napoleon into exile on the Elbe.

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