Congress of Puebla, focused on complying with parties and leaders: Julio Santos

“The work carried out by the LXI legislature of the State of Puebla, is only to obey orders, to receive lines and push the laws that order them from their leadership”, noted the legal analyst Julio Santos.

The specialist in political matters added that the constant in the last three legislatures has been to give priority to initiatives sent by the Government of Puebla.

“Then we come up with questions that were not made a good choice for the Superior State Audit Office and sometimes they are not done because they are only waiting for that line that they must follow.”

“We know that there is a very important lag in the work of the Puebla State Congress and it seems that they are only waiting to receive a line from the political party and the leaders.”

The financial analyst Institute of Legal Sciences (ICI) He pointed out that with this type of action by the Puebla legislators, they leave a space of opportunity for voters no longer vote for them.

“Punishment at the polls will always be an issue and a problem for political parties, because they know they can punish you, and yet they make the same mistakes.”

Santos Lozano explained that all political parties act in the same way, with fine teeth and objectives, but always polarizing the situation.

“It’s a very complicated scenario in which things happen, that’s why, on the subject of participating in the appointment of the Superior State Auditor, I don’t know if the profile, qualities, abilities and skills have been properly addressed.”

The former, he lamented, It is a very complicated issue and while all this partyocracy exists, it is very difficult for it to carry out a good legislative job.

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“They have to do a conscious, responsible legislative work, where they truly deal with social needs, profiles and capacities because it seems that everything is due to partisan interest.”

“We forget the responsibility that the legislator has in essence and that it is a great issue of great importance for society, because in the end they are the lawmakers, they are the ones who endorse the appointments.”

The ICI academic said that, These decisions directly affect citizenslet us not forget that we have an exercise in representative democracy.

Therefore, they find a space where our deputies are the representatives of society, then, all actions, decisions, the omissions, that they have in their actions, will bring some consequence for the citizenship.

The ICI legal analyst stated that it is unequivocal that society ends up disappointed in the legislators for whom it voted, “For this reason, what they should do is act more responsibly.”

“Legislative work is quite difficult, the work of the legislative sections is to provide a solution, despite the fact that there are likes and dislikes.”