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The Alliance for Progress bench presented this Thursday, October 27, a bill that establishes the implementation of a single charger for cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices in Peru.

The purpose of the initiative is to progressively establish, until December 2024, the implementation of the universal charger for cell phones, tablets and rechargeable electronic devices through a cable.

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According to the project, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) It will be the one who establishes the type of charger that must be used by all companies that import or manufacture electronic equipment that requires recharging.

“This law establishes a new obligation for all companies that import or manufacture cell phones, tablets or others that require a charger so that it is universal or compatible among all of them, establishing that the Ministry of Transport and Communications as the entity in charge of regulating and controlling said provision”, details the document.

In addition, it mentions that the regulatory proposal does not generate spending to the state budget, since the implementation costs must be assumed by the importing companies. The State only assumes the position of regulator, imposing the conditions in which the companies that invest in Peru will have to perform.

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“The impact of the effects of the standard will be reflected mainly in the fight against environmental pollution and the lower generation of electronic waste, which to date has been affecting the Peruvian environment,” states the bill.

Likewise, this does not imply an increase in the price of the product.

Where does the idea originate?

It is worth mentioning that the parliamentary initiative takes as its starting point the positions adopted by the European Union in relation to the need to have a universal charger for telephones.

as is known, in Europe they have approved that all smartphones must be compatible with the USB type C cableso even companies like Apple are going to have to redesign their products to adapt to this regulation.

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The truth is that, if the bill is approved, all companies will have until December 2024 to adopt the measures of the Peruvian State and avoid being sanctioned.


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