Congressman Alejandro Ocampo chased and caught a thief

The representative to the Chamber for the Historical Pact Alejandro Ocampo published in the last hours a video through his official Twitter account, in which he shows the moment in which he chases, catches and delivers to the authorities a thief who does only moments he had robbed a man.

“Today we caught a thief. I saw that a young man was running with a bag and then a desperate old man behind him, I couldn’t stand it and I got out to chase him and catch him “the Valle del Cauca congressman initially wrote.

And although the video does not specifically tell where the robbery occurred, it is presumed that it is an area of ​​the department of Valle del Cauca. What can be seen in a little over a minute of recording is the pursuit by Ocampo and one of his companions in a truck after the thief, the subsequent capture and the moment in which he is handed over to an agent. of cop.

“#EsunaBurrada not taking care of each other and having a better country, so that young people do not fall into this”, added the representative to the Chamber in what he wrote at the time of sharing the video on his official account.

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In turn, social network users congratulated Ocampo’s action and stated that “I wish all people would react like this when they see that they are stealing from another person.”

Ocampo took advantage of the moment of the capture and delivery of the thief to the authorities to send a message to his followers and show the older adult that he had lost his belongings because of this criminal. But it also also showed how the community was not allowed to harm the young man so that the police would take care of him, telling the victim that she had to make a formal complaint.

“Well, in the midst of our work, a young man who took a man off a bicycle, an adult man, about 60 years old, we chased it, we took it to return ‘the thing’, we didn’t allow it to be harmed or anything like that, we gave the things we recovered to people to take to the southern command. Here insecurity is up to us to get our hands on it and we hope the man can come to their homes,” said the proud congressman after the social work he carried out.

The Historical Pact bench will ask the United States to withdraw Cuba from the countries that sponsor terrorism

WEEK learned that the caucus of the Historical Pact is preparing a proposal where it will publicly ask the government of Joe Biden in the United States to withdraw Cuba from the countries that sponsor terrorism.

The document is being rotated among congressmen this Tuesday because it will have the signature of at least 80 legislators, all from Petrism and some from the Liberal Party, Commons and progressive sectors.

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The scope of the petition will be revealed at 5:00 pm this Tuesday at a press conference in Congress to be led by Senate President Roy Barreras and Senator Gloria Flórez, one of the women closest to President Gustavo Petro. .

Being on the US blacklist has several consequences, including a ban on the sale or export license of defense articles and services, and notifies the international community that these countries are not fully cooperating with US counterterrorism efforts. North American government.