Congressman Carlos Selva has a coronavirus: he is the fifth – News

The deputy of the Front of All Carlos Selva confirmed that coronavirus was infected and in this way there are five legislators to test positive for Covid-19.

“I want to tell you that in the last hours I tested positive for COVID 19. I am asymptomatic. I attended the session last Thursday, complying with all the protocols,” Selva announced through his social networks.

“I am at home, resting and accompanied by my family. I ask you to take care of yourself. Together we will overcome this,” added the former mayor of Mercedes.

Selva joins UCR national deputy Miguel Bazze, who announced yesterday that he tested positive for Covid-19 today and with Selva there are already five national legislators who have been infected with coronavirus since the start of the pandemic in the country.

Sources in the lower house confirmed the agency Argentine News the positive result of the test that was carried out by Bazze but clarified that the deputy for the province of Buenos Aires currently has a mild viral load and is asymptomatic.

The legislator underwent the swab, as did other of his peers, for having been in the lower house on Thursday near the Riojan Julio Sahad (PRO), who last Monday received his diagnosis and announced that he was a carrier of the disease. .

The other deputies who contracted Covid-19 are Walter Correa, who on Wednesday reported that his last swab was negative and that he is therefore recovered, and Federico Fagioli, both from the Frente de Todos.

In total, 19 deputies submitted to the swab for medical recommendations after it became known that Sahad had attended the Thursday session in person as a carrier of the disease.

The president of the PRO bloc, Cristian Ritondo, has already communicated that the result of his test was negative.

“Anyway, I will continue in isolation until I have the result of the second swab that I will be doing in the coming days. Thank you all for your greetings, I will keep you updated on the news,” he completed on Twitter.

For his part, Correa – the first deputy who was the victim of the pandemic – reported on the same social network that the last swab that was performed was negative, and announced that he will donate blood plasma to help treat patients who are studying the disease. .

“I deeply appreciate all the love and solidarity that I received these days from my colleagues, as well as I thank God I return to my tasks with due care. I will donate plasma,” she wrote.

In addition, the fear that the fact raised to a new chain of contagions of legislators put in suspense the continuity of the sessions in Deputies, but on Tuesday it was possible to calm down the spirits through a key meeting between the president of the Lower House, Sergio Massa, and the block leaders, who agreed to continue with the virtual sessions with touch-ups to be defined in the protocol for the remote operation of the body.

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