Congressman of Podemos Peru on Guido Bellido: “It is the attack dog, small, but attack” | POLITICS

The congressman Carlos Anderson (Podemos Peru) had severe questions towards the Executive for staying hermetic and continuing with Iber Maraví as a member of the Ministerial Cabinet, despite being criticized by various sectors of Congress. He estimated that the Government of Pedro Castillo seeks to “act with a free hand.”

Anderson’s reply was after listening to Iber Maraví summon citizens to do “front“To a supposed”coup”. From Cusco, the Minister of Labor called for “organize, mobilize and raise awareness”.

“Now the task continues to prevent the coup, to prevent those powerful groups that control some media, and without the slightest shame attack, slander and defame”, Maraví Olarte mentioned during the launch of the second agrarian reform, last Sunday 3.

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Given this, Carlos Anderson described the phrases as “outright populism”. In addition, he denied that the Legislature is plotting a de facto coup, but they are exercising their functions established in the Constitution.

For me it is pure and simple populism. The only thing they seek is first to victimize themselves and speak “there is a coup, a coup”. What coup? What coup? Here the one who attacks every day is Mr. (Guido) Bellido, he is the attack dog, little one, but an attack dog ”, manifested in dialogue with the press from the front of Parliament.

Along these lines, the parliamentarian from Podemos Peru regretted that an interpellation process has been taken as a “atomic bomb”By the Executive.

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Here what we are doing from day one is defending congressional jurisdiction. What the Executive wants is to act with free hands, without political control, it is bothered by political control. Something as common as an interpellation to the minister has been turned into the atomic bomb, that is, it is “don’t touch anyone”. What is that?”, He asserted.

The Legislature is preparing a motion of censure against Iber Maraví and would have the endorsement of the Popular Action, Alliance for Progress, Popular Force, Avanza País and Somos Perú – Partido Morado and Renovación Popular benches.

Meanwhile, the president of the Council of Ministers, Guido Bellido, repeatedly defended Iber Maraví’s permanence as head of the MTPE and considered that the minister’s arguments before Congress “they were solid”.


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