WASHINGTON, November 6th. / Tass /. The US administration believes that Moscow has not fulfilled the conditions put forward by Washington on the American law on chemical and biological weapons. The corresponding statement is contained in a statement issued on Tuesday by the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, Ed Royce.

As noted in the document, "the US administration announced that Russia did not comply with the requirements of the 1991 US Chemical and Biological Weapons Act." "It is unacceptable that the administration has no plan – or even a time limit – for taking action on the second package of mandatory sanctions required by US law," wrote Royce.

The State Department was supposed to provide Congress with an opinion on the fulfillment by Russia of the conditions of the US chemical and biological weapons law by November 6. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not publish any document on this issue. The press service of the State Department has not yet responded to the request of the TASS correspondent.

The United States applied anti-Russian restrictive measures at the end of August because of the Skripale case. Washington first imposed a ban on the supply of dual-use products to the Russian Federation, however, making a number of exceptions.

Among other things, American law provides for the threat of using the second wave of sanctions approximately three months after the introduction of the first part of the restrictions. The second part provides for the threat of lowering the level of bilateral diplomatic relations, or even their complete suspension, in fact a total ban on all exports of Russian goods to Russia with the exception of food, as well as the United States imports of Russian goods, including oil and oil products, deprivation of the right to land aircraft in the US any airline controlled by the Russian government, blocking Washington’s loans to Moscow through international financial organizations.


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