“Connecticut” again drew attention to Chinese state media claiming damage to US military submarine was found-BBC News

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U.S. Navy nuclear-powered submarine “Connecticut” (profile picture)

Chinese state media released satellite images, claiming to disclose the damage of the USS Connecticut nuclear-powered submarine after the collision accident in the South China Sea through image analysis.

CCTV Military quoted a satellite image analysis conducted by an organization called “Remote Sensing Think Tank” and claimed to have the status of Connecticut.

The report stated that the nuclear submarine collision accident “suspected that the front-end shroud was damaged” and that “the muffler tiles and black paint on the bow were damaged and peeled off; the front-end structure of the hull was missing.”

The report showed the condition of the submarine in a simulated animation, but did not mention the cause and process of the impact. The report was forwarded by a number of official agencies, including Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.