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Conor McGregor considers a $ 80 million pay day to fight Cowboy Cerrone at UFC 246


Conor McGregor insisted the eyes were very open when he earned about $ 100 million for his first professional boxing in front of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. But the Irishman said in a recent interview that he will do as much as he will return to the Octagon this week.

"I'm estimating about $ 80 million," McGregor told Ariel Helwani of ESPN when asked what he expected to be his pay day for Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone in UFC 246 main event in Las Vegas .

What income channels include, McGregor did not detail, but with many business efforts outside the Octagon, there are many revenue streams to be removed. His Irish whiskey is No. 12 alone after getting into that monster sales in the world of spirits.

“I am confident that it will be nice. Probably (most I did) in my profession mixed martial arts, ”said McGregor.

"I am about $ 80 million. As, as I said, we got Australia and Canada and England and Ireland; we should be good."

The fighting payroll disclosed to athletics commissions before the fights will show anywhere near that number. The exposure number, which will be in millions, is just part of what McGregor does from the fight, even from the UFC. As the biggest star in sport, it receives other incentives, such as pay-in-view bonus points generally reserved for the UFC champion. This number is not reflected in public records.

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It's not a big jump for McGregor, however even in MMA life. He said he earned about $ 50 million from his combat with Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 in October 2018. But, he earned only $ 3 million on the reported payouts of the athletic commission.

After more than a year of removing that bout, McGregor's star is as bright as ever. Of course, he must win to restore things completely, but that is certainly his plan, because McGregor has at least three UFC deductions in his 2020 season. at least the highest in book books, at least in relation to pay.

“I think I'm toast, but I'm still bread.” T


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