Consider David Price and Mookie Betts that Dodgers World Series The Drought ‘Hungry’ Can Make Another Title – NBC Los Angeles

The newest members of the minister David Angeles Dodgers, David
Mookie Betts, the price and the competitor, were going about their daily lives when they were
everyone found that they were being traded.

Both of them heard their names mentioned in trade rumors
around the season, but the surprise was still like the frozen wind
Fenway Park in the heart of winter.

“I heard rumors and all those things,” Betts said before he got the call that was the official trade. “But I didn’t think so much. I can’t control it, so there was no sense that you were worried about it.”

Price was traded again and again so he is too familiar with the business of the ball. He said he was cooking the dinner with his family and spending time with his wife, a couple of years and a half, and with his girlfriend six months old when the phone rang. Once he got the news, he went back to his father.

“This takes our focus and all our attention,” Price said about their children. “We had no control over all the trading things, so it did not interfere with our daily routine. But when we found out we were coming, we were both excited.”

For Betts, this was the first time in his career

Betts was against the Boston Red Sox. He showed the work
ethics of the city, and she was one of the most loving athletes in Beantown. The
it was intended that a large extension would be signed at the former MV 201P AL 201P, similar to that which existed
the angels made by Mike Trout. He was not supposed to leave it to the white
Hollywood lights.

” I was really hitting, ” Betts said when he got the phone call that he had to trade to Los Angeles. “I was hitting the cage when I got the call that it was official. I was hitting the cage when I found it. I took a little break, I put my phone on the side and then I finished and gave care for business. “

A little break. That’s all it took to be one of the most talented players in the history of Boston Red Sox to stop the news and process it was leaving the only franchise he had ever known. A little break, and then he was back at business. Preparing for the 2020 season. A season that he hopes will ignite a major tender war for his services in a free agency. A season that could have been alive as a hero in Hollywood forever – by helping the Dodgers win their first World Series title since 1988.

“When you feel it, you want to do it again,” Betts said when asked about the end of a 32-year league drought. “You don’t need anything more as part of this group, and you certainly can’t do anything [David Price] hungry will want another one, and the guys here who want to get one, will definitely have success. “

The success of the success is the pièce of résistance which is expected by Dodgers President of Baseball Operations, Andrew Friedman, that he is going to buy Betts and Price. The recipe is a bit of vintage talents that finally want to go over the button, add some young and trained players to keep the clubhouse light and fun, and a championship in Betts and Price who can help others show how to do it.

“I hope so,” Price said about the capture of hunger from reaching the World Series when he comes around to his colleagues and the fans were eagerly awaiting his title since 1988. “I think that can Mookie go to Mookie, and I can go and myself, on the pitch and in the clubhouse, we will expect those people. “

Price said that he and Betts are a big clubhouse and that he can’t wait to make friends with his new colleagues. He says that this is the most important part of baseball for him – the relationship he makes in the locker room that will last him a lifetime.

“To be able to jump on a team like the Dodgers,”
Price said. “A team that was successful
last few years and be able to add a player like Mookie Betts, and myself
mixing too, that’s a very special thing and we’re very excited to join
of which. “

The first game of displays begins at Dodgers spring
Saturday, February 22, in Scottsdale, Arizona against the San competition
Francisco Giants.



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