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Consolidated Financial Statements 2018: Heckler & Koch is doing more business with non-NATO countries

The gun manufacturer Heckler & Koch has again made more sales with its business with countries outside of NATO than before.

The company's share of total revenues increased from about two to seven percent in 2018, as shown in the consolidated financial statements. The company justifies this development with the "processing of an old contract and the delivery of non-approved goods to the rest of the world".

According to their own statements, since 2016 the company has only been in new business with "green countries", ie NATO states or equivalent countries. Brazil and India, for example, fell away. However, the top management has always emphasized that you will meet obligations from old contracts. The figures make it clear that such contracts are still relevant in the H & K businesses.

On Friday, the listed company invites you to the Annual General Meeting in Rottweil. As usual, many peace activists, who are admitted as small shareholders, are likely to express severe criticism of the company. Heckler & Koch is under pressure, the mountain of debt is high. Although sales rose last year from 182 to 221 million euros, but again suffered a loss, this time in the amount of 8.1 million euros (2017: 13.4 million).

As a new hope on Friday, an ex-General enters the stage of Heckler & Koch: The former Inspector General of the Federal Armed Forces, Harald Kujat, should be elected Chairman of the Supervisory Board. The vote is considered a formality, as the retired general was proposed by the majority shareholder.


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