Constanza Santa María’s relief for the criticism she receives

The journalist Constanza Santa María unburdened herself in an intimate interview with the program “Velvet for breakfast“, Hosted by Angélica Castro through Instagram.

In particular, the communicator received the criticism she receives on social networks: “I am super passionate about what I do and when I am doing an interview too“, Cony began expressing.

To this he added: “Sometimes it is understood as disrespect or harshnessa, and over the years I have tried to work on it, sometimes I control it more, other times less, it’s not because I want to be heavy, it’s because I want to get an answer, because I think it’s important that people have that answer ”.

Regarding the criticism she receives, the communicator revealed that “I am a super sensitive person, although it is not seen sometimes. It hurts when they attack me and people nowadays are super aggressive, some people and social networks are used many times anonymously to attack and insult ”.

“Respecting all opinions, the good thing is the debate, that we can disagree, with respect, and if we do not accept that difference and want to attack everyone who thinks differently from me, I think we are in a serious problem,” added the journalist.

Finally, he stressed that “our societies are diverse and that is part of the wealth of society. Trying to impose my truth I think is the opposite of living in a democratic society“, He concluded.


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