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Constitutional Council: the surprise Juppé

The ad fell at 5 pm sharp. And she had the effect of a bomb. This Wednesday, Alain Juppé was appointed … to the Constitutional Council. While his name was sometimes mentioned – without much belief – to lead the list of the majority in the European elections, the former Prime Minister was propelled into the prestigious institution (headed by Laurent Fabius) by Richard Ferrand, president of the National Assembly.

He will replace another former Matignon tenant, Lionel Jospin, who himself succeeded Jacques Barrot on the latter's death at the end of 2014. Alain Juppé announced Thursday his departure from the mayor of Bordeaux, he has already led, in two stages, for more than two decades and considerably transformed. Already part of his "Deep emotion", he said Wednesday that he made the decision, since " several months ", not to run for the municipal elections of 2020.

" A man of state "

In a statement, Richard Ferrand welcomed a "Great servant of the state and the territories". "Alain Juppé is a statesman, with an experience of public decision, who will know with a real republican requirement guarantee respect for the principles and fundamental rules of the Constitution of the Republic", he insisted.

So far, many rumors have announced an appointment of Didier Migaud, which would have freed the presidency of the Court of Auditors to the European Commissioner and former Minister of Finance, Pierre Moscovici. The President of the Assembly preferred to avoid a game of musical chairs that would have weakened the institution. To replace Lionel Jospin, he also opted for a leading personality.

After the elimination of François Fillon in the first round of the presidential election, Alain Juppé – who had failed to be the candidate of the right had moved closer to Emmanuel Macron, without rallying The Republic On the move. He had a little more distance with The Republicans after the election at the head of the party of Laurent Wauquiez, which he denounced the "Drift". His membership in LR had automatically ended at the beginning of the year, as he had not paid his membership fee for two years. Popular, it occupies the second place of the barometer Elabe "Les Echos" political figures.

" At the same time "

Anxious to illustrate a political balance (the famous " at the same time ") undermined by the criticism of "President of the rich" and the crisis of "yellow vests", Emmanuel Macron has appointed Jacques Mézard to the Constitutional Council, replacing Michel Charasse. The radical Senator of Cantal had been Minister of Agriculture and then Cohesion of the territories at the beginning of the five-year period. «A field man replaces a man on the ground», pleaded one to the Elysee.

As for the choice of the LR boss of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, he focused on the elected of the Cher, François Pillet, lawyer by profession, vice-chairman of the Committee on the Laws of the Senate and current rapporteur of the commission on the revision Constitutional. He recovers the chair of Jean-Jacques Hyest, appointed in 2015.

These appointments have yet to be validated by the Assembly and Senate Legislative Committees. A simple formality, given the political balance and the profile of the chosen personalities.

Pierre-Alain Furbury


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