Construction financing despite current loans

Thank you very much for your answers.

@bankkaufmann: It is a personal loan for free use.

According to my research, what is primarily important is the so-called household bill. Taking into account a net household income of around €3,500, after deducting the flat rate for 4 household members (€1,400), there remains an amount available for financing of around €2,100. Of this, €700 for the installment loan and €1,400 for real estate financing, less a safety buffer of €400, still result in €1,000 that would still be available. Or is such a calculation completely irrelevant? I can reschedule the installment loan and with a longer term to a rate of probably 500 € come.

In addition, there is also the possibility for us that my parents can also support us in that they can provide the bank with their already paid for and unencumbered property with an estimated market value of approx. €250,000 as security. maybe with an amount of €50,000.

I actually have many options and bases for what Bankkaufmann also called “tinkering”. However, I am only concerned that the bank will reject me after asking about existing loans and credit bureau insight and I will then have to work on various possible solutions and that the right property may be missed in the meantime.

The real estate prices for a property that I imagine are currently between 200-250k €. With a monthly At a rate of around €1,000, this would basically be feasible, wouldn’t it?