“Construction Manager Creates Pokemon-Inspired Street Names in Nevada Development”

The influence of the Game Freak license is global and everyone has heard of the name of Pikachu, Squirtle or Charmander. Names so familiar that they have the power to make veteran players smile, who spent their childhood in the Yellow, Blue, Leaf Green or Fire Red versions. In United States, a construction manager of a new development had a brilliant idea Based on the world of Pokemon.

A Calle Snorlax, or Jigglypuff

What Pokémon fan has never dreamed of living on Squirtle Street? For some Nevadans, it’s now possible thanks to Andrea Miller. Andrea is the Director of Housing Development for Harmony Homes LLC, and she had the bright idea to name her streets after Pokémon. Thus, passers-by in this small town near Las Vegas can stroll down Squirtle Street, or even Charmander Street, past Jigglypuff Street.

this genius to unite streets with children’s series It’s not the first time it’s been done. Previously, Harmony Homes chose Paw Patrol characters for addresses in the Blue Ridge neighborhood. The company used names of the peppers for another development called Avery Place. As you can see, the company has a head full of ideas.

Where did Ms. Miller’s inspiration come from?

In an interview for a local Nevada newspaper, Ms. Miller revealed how she found street names in the Serenity Place neighborhood outside of Las Vegas. His inspiration comes mainly from his children, but also from the name of the pocket Pokémon: “When I listen to Jigglypuff [Jigglypuff], I laugh. When you come home from work, you’ve had a bad day and you have to turn Jigglypuff on, it makes you smile.”

Miller is happy to please young and old alike with this idea: “Pokémon fans and kids love it” . She reports that many residents of the development are happy to mark “Squirtle Street” when they order packages. This is a story that has reason to smile and that makes us want the mayors of other countries to decide to do the same!

2023-05-26 10:54:19

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