Construction of the new organ in Chartres Cathedral will begin on Monday 19 September

After twenty years of waiting, it is Monday, September 19, 2022 that the construction site of the new great organ of Chartres Cathedral will begin. At the foot of the current instrument, the space has been freed up to allow the installation of the scaffolding which will make it possible to dismantle, pipe by pipe, the organ from the 1970s while leaving the case of the 15th century, classified as a historical monument. , in place.

A trio of French craftsmen chosen to rebuild the great organ of Chartres Cathedral

An operation which will not begin until mid-October and which will continue until spring 2023, the objective being to dismantle the scaffolding before Sunday April 9, Easter Day. In the meantime, the interior layout of Notre-Dame has been modified to make room for the workers and ensure the safety conditions of the site.

The altar has been turned a quarter turn towards the north portal and chairs have been added on that side for the faithful attending Sunday mass. The scaffolding will be reinstalled when the new organ is ready to be put in place, during the second half of 2025.

Six questions about the reconstruction site of the great organ of Chartres Cathedral

Laurence Franceschina
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