Construction workers and craftsmen demonstrate for more wages


Construction workers and craftsmen for more wages on the street

Construction workers, craftsmen and employees from the essential industries demonstrated in Olten and Zurich on Saturday. Applause is not enough, they demand more wages.

The trade union demonstrations took place in Olten and Zurich at the same time.

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Around 3,000 people took part in the demonstrations on Saturday, according to a joint statement by the Unia and Syna unions. Construction workers, craftsmen and employees in so-called essential industries were particularly challenged during the pandemic and deserved more respect, according to the unions. “Instead of showing appreciation for this performance, the employers tighten the screws: deadline pressure, working hours that are too low, wages that are too low.”, Quoted Guido Schluep, Central Secretary at the Syna union.

Demands for more wages and better working conditions were therefore at the center of the rallies. “Applause is not enough, now we need real wage increases,” said Chris Kelley, co-head of the construction sector at the Unia union, according to the statement in Olten. In Zurich, the carpenters called for a new collective labor contract.

Specifically, the unions want wage increases, a 13th monthly wage for everyone, no wages below CHF 4,000 and generally binding collective agreements, especially in the service industries. The rejection of raising the women’s retirement age was also a topic at the demos. (wap)